Sunday, August 19, 2012


Here is the mad hatter mindset of evolution combined with science fiction. [I think I just repeated myself.] These idiots cannot begin to estimate what an ounce of platinum, or a gallon of water, harvested from an asteroid would cost.


The place I first saw this was in a recent copy of Popular Mechanics. This magazines has had great futuristic ideas on its front cover for many years. The one I remember best was the article when I was in college in which they predicted that we would one day have huge cities under the ocean. My, my, the artists drawing of this future city was very inviting, I must admit. Well, Biosphere came along out in the desert of Arizona, and it was a big crock failure. So, can you figure out why it will not work on a rock 20 million miles up if it will not happen under 300 feet of ocean water or in the Arizona desert?

Mining asteroids will make a great movie I think. 

There is the intrigue of the world's nations all claiming various asteroids as they did with Antarctica, and the criminal factor is rich with portent as Somali pirates try to hijack rockets loaded with platinum. There is the reality show factor of a man and a woman marooned on an asteroid. There is the ET factor as alleged beings from other solar systems arrive and claim the proceeds. 

I suspect mining the concept will be a lot more profitable than mining the actual rock in space. Admit it, you at least read this far. Curiosity, right? HA- gotcha.

Good luck, ye idiots.

I give you some rock music to go with this story:


We are receiving all sorts of warnings about asteroids that will soon crash into the earth. Well, how about taking up a bunch of rockets and guide the things in to orbit around the earth? Then, one by one go out with space trucks and a rock crushers. Crush the asteroids bit by bit and carry back the rock gravel to do road building. 

Here is one on its way;

I end this blog entry with a fantastic example of Rock Music. 

Never in my 70 years of life have I heard a more rational hard rock song than this:

CAUTION: The Surgeon General has determined that chewing and mining rocks may be dangerous for your health. So, stick around this blog and learn more dangerous things.


Acts 17:21 (For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.)

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